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All paid courses are subject up to a $25.00 cancellation fee that is available up to two days before a live event. 


From The New York State Board of Pharmacy Website:  NYS Pharmacy:Continuing Education (nysed.gov)

What types of continuing education are acceptable?

Formal courses in appropriate subjects offered by approved sponsors (providers). Both formal self-study courses and formal courses in which you interact with an instructor are acceptable. Self-study courses must constitute less than one-half of the total hours (a maximum of 22 contact hours out of 45.  

What subjects are acceptable?

Courses must contribute to the professional practice of pharmacy. Acceptable subjects include:

  • techniques to reduce medication and prescription errors (mandatory 3 credits)
  • pharmacology of new or developing drugs,
  • drug interactions,
  • public health issues,
  • infection control,
  • child abuse reporting,
  • sterile procedures,
  • legal and regulatory issues,
  • patient counseling,
  • other topics that contribute to the professional practice of pharmacy, and
  • other matters of health care, law, and ethics that contribute to the public's health and welfare.

The key is the subject matter's relationship to professional practice. Therefore, courses in such subjects as HIV/AIDS management are acceptable. Practice management and business management courses, (e.g., supervision, increasing profits, accounting, statistics, etc.) are NOT acceptable.


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